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IAF participates in LINK Meeting, CISAC’s new international think-tank

It was launched at the World Creators Summit, held in Washington in June 2013. LINK is an ambitious international initiative that aims to be a strategic think-tank uniting the voice of creators worldwide to support creators and creativity. LINK will embrace creators of music, drama, literature, audio-visual and visual arts; and in doing so will work to enhance communication and …

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Report of IAF Representation at WIPO Diplomatic Conference, 26 – 28 June 2013

The International Authors Forum is pleased to release a report of its activity in Marrakech, including analysis of the adopted treaty text and an outline of the wider benefits for the IAF of its presence at the Conference as it continues to establish itself. Read the full report here. Read IFRRO’s analysis of the text here. The Library Copyright Alliance …

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Online Photo-sharing Website Instagram, Terms of Use Deemed too Far-reaching by Photographic Community

The American Society of Media Photographers, along with a number of other photographic organisations have released a statement highlighting concerns of the “far-reaching” Terms users agree to, often unwittingly, when signing up for an account on the popular photo-sharing website Instagram. Importantly, users agree to give away rights which would enable them to be paid for the use of their …

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