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IAF talks to Suomen Kirjailijaliito (The Union of Finnish Writers)

The IAF member Suomen Kijailijaliitto (The Union of Finnish Writers) met with Barbara Hayes and Luke Alcott to discuss their work in Finland.

Established in 1897 The Union of Finnish Writers is the professional organization of fiction authors who write in Finnish. The Union of Finnish Writers has about 760 members and its purpose is to develop the professional status of Finnish writers and to promote Finnish literature. They support their members with work on publishing agreements and contracts, including contract issues with audiovisual works adaptations. The union also arranges prizes and writers retreats and residencies around the world.

The Union of Finnish Writers has led impressive campaigns on copyright and writers compensation issues. This has included great comic strips that show the challenge authors face with unfair demands for authors to work for free. They have also campaigned to show the value that authors provide as the creator of intellectual property that drives industries and creates jobs.

See the translated comic strips from their campaign on authors earnings

See the translated mind map of how literature creates jobs