Welcome to the International Authors Forum (IAF) website

About us

The International Authors Forum (IAF) is a membership body for organisations representing authors all over the world. IAF provides a forum for discussion, debate and action for authors on a global scale.

IAF has been formed as a permanent international platform to ensure that the voice of authors is heard among others with rights and interests in creators’ work, such as publishers and libraries, who already have globally representative bodies. Any eligible authors’ organisation can become a member of the International Authors Forum.

What we do

IAF organises events, publications and discussions.

IAF collaborates with other organisations representing authors to complement each others’ work and promote the importance of creative work financially, socially and culturally.

IAF recognises the differing needs of creators in different parts of the world.

IAF consults with our Steering Committee and our members on relevant issues.

IAF informs our members about the latest developments at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) that reflect international developments in copyright law.

For more information about joining you can read IAF’s eligibility criteria.

Our aims and objectives will also give you useful information about what IAF is trying to achieve.