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Membership fees

Membership category Number of members Subscription fee (Euros) Number of votes
Author Organisation Member Fewer than 500 275 1
Author Organisation Member 501 – 4,999 440 2
Author Organisation Member 5,000+ 825 3
Associate Member n/a 825 0
Umbrella Author organisation members n/a 275 1

Payment of membership fees

Once an applicant’s form is received, the applicant will receive an electronic confirmation and will be asked to confirm their email address. They will be notified if their membership application has been accepted within 28 working days.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be notified within 28 working days of receipt of their application. An organisation’s membership is valid until the end of April of the following year subject to its application being ratified at the next General Meeting (see Ratification of Membership, below). All successful applicant organisations will receive membership benefits from within 14 days of receipt of full payment of the membership fee.

Existing members are issued with an invoice for their membership fee in annually in May.

Unsuccessful applicants

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing within 28 working days of receipt of their application.

Ratification of membership

New members will be formally ratified by the existing members of the International Authors Forum at the General Meeting which takes place at least once a year. Applicants whose membership is not ratified at the General Meeting following the date on which payment of their membership fee is received will be fully refunded and their membership benefits withdrawn within 14 working days of the General Meeting.

Apply for membership

If you would like to apply for membership of the International Authors Forum, please complete the membership application form. Please also provide a link to your organisation’s statutes or articles of association (in English if possible). Alternatively, send a copy of this document to katie.webb@internationalauthors.org. You are welcome to refer to IAF’s Articles of Association.