The Authors Guild of America: Sign a Open Letter to AI Leaders

Serena Barone AI, News, USA

The increasing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming one of the main concerns across the creative industry as it could negative impact to the irreplaceable value that authors bring to society. It is essentially unfair to use the original works in AI technologies without providing credit or remuneration, and it could have devastating effects for the writing profession.

In the ongoing effort to work on issues surrounding the impact of AI, the Authors Guild of America is asking members to sign an Open Letter to Generative AI Leaders calling on the CEOs of OpenAI, Alphabet, Meta, Stability AI, and IBM to compensate writers fairly for the use of copyrighted materials in their generative AI programs.  Among other objectives, they aim to develop a licencing system that will compensate authors whose works are continuously exploited. Over 9000 writers have signed it already, including many best sellers.

If you want to sign the letter, please click here.

You can find more information  about this matter on the list of FAQs that The Authors Guild produced.