IAF AGM 2023 | Power of Authors Conference | Pan African Writers Symposium

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The International Authors Forum invites you to attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Where:  Centre for the Book, 62 Queen Victoria St, Cape Town, South Africa and Online via Zoom. 

When: Tuesday 07 March at 11:00 GMT & 13:00 SAST

Various events will be held from the 6 – 8 March 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa.

6 March
08:30 – 16:00 (SAST)
Power of Authors Hybrid Symposium

7 March
08:00 – 12:00 (SAST)
Pan African Writers Symposium
Preliminary – First Session

13:00 – 14:30 (SAST)

15:00 – 16:00 (SAST)
Pan African Writers Symposium
Preliminary – Second Session

8 March
09:00 -16:00 (SAST)
Pan African Writers Symposium

You can register for the Power of Authors Conference and the Pan African Writers Symposium here.

For any details please contact Thanasis Venitsanopoulos at: athanasios.venitsanopoulos@internationalauthors.org to confirm attendance for the AGM either  in person or ask for a zoom link to attend virtually.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know and return your proxy to us.