Next Steps in Self-Publishing – A Panel Discussion

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We were delighted to co-host a webinar on self-publishing together with the Alliance of Independent Authors in the United Kingdom and hosted by John Degen, Chair of IAF and Executive Director of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

Panellists included Melissa Addey, Organization Membership & Campaigns Manager, ALLi (UK) and Dorien Kelly, Author & Administrator Authors Coalition of America (USA).

Melissa Addey highlighted that it is possible to be self-published in around 200 countries worldwide, including not only e-books, but also paperback, hardback and audiobooks. Moreover, Addey pointed out that books from self-published authors account for 30-34% of all sales in the largest English language markets. You can view Melissa Addey’s presentation.

Dorien Kelly emphasised the sheer determination needed to become self-published. She stressed the need for a wider network, even for independent authors to be sustainable, and pointed out the fact that it’s the authors themselves who do the range of different tasks involved, from publishing to protection of copyright. Kelly highlighted the importance of being part of groups of indie authors.

You can watch the whole discussion here.