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Our members

The following is a list of the current members of the International Authors Forum

  1. Academic and Non-fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa (ANFASA), South Africa
  2. American Society of Media Photographers, USA
  3. Association of Swedish Illustrators and Graphic Designers, Sweden
  4. Authors’ Licensing & Collecting Society Ltd, UK
  5. BUS, Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden
  6. Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), UK
  7. European Council of Literary Translators’ Associations (CEATL), Europe
  8. Graphic Artists Guild, USA
  9. Malawi Writers Union, Malawi
  10. MISZJE, Hungarian Literary Collecting Society, Hungary
  11. Platform Makers, The Netherlands
  12. Society of Authors, UK
  13. The Authors Guild, USA
  14. The Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers, Finland
  15. The Writers’ Union of Canada, Canada
  16. Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois (UNEQ), Canada
  17. National Writers Union, USA
  18. Pictoright, The Netherlands
  19. Authors Coalition of America, USA
  20. Australian Society of Authors, Australia
  21. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, USA
  22. Text and Academic Authors Association, USA
  23. Pyramide, Europe
  24. Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, UK
  25. Writers Association of Tanzania, Tanzania
  26. American Photographic Artists, Inc., USA
  27. Artists Rights Society, USA
  28. Zimbabwean Academic and Non-fiction Authors Association, Zimbabwe
  29. Sudanese Writers Union, Sudan
  30. Swedish Association of Educational Writers, Sweden
  31. Uganda Textbook-Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association (UTANA), Uganda
  32. Irish Writers’ Union, Ireland
  33. Irish Copyright Licensing Agency, Ireland (Associate Member)
  34. Korean Society of Authors, Korea
  35. The Vietnam Literary Copyright Center, Vietnam
  36. The Swedish Writers’ Union, Sweden
  37. New Zealand Society of Authors, New Zealand
  38. Writers Association of Thailand, Thailand
  39. Professional Writers’ Union of Russia, Russian Federation
  40. Dansk Forfatterforening, Denmark
  41. Reprobel, Belgium (Associate Member)
  42. Canadian Authors Association, Canada
  43. Federazione Unitaria Italiana Scrittori, Italy
  44. Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (The Association of Catalan Language Writers), Spain
  45. Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), International
  46. Belizean Writers Guild, Belize
  47. Lira, The Netherlands
  48. Conseil Permanent des Écrivains, France
  49. Société des Gens De Lettres, France
  50. Sociedad de Autores de Obras Visuales, Imagen del Tercer Milenio, S.de G.C. de I.P., Mexico
  51. Sofia, France (Associate Member)
  52. Copyright Polska, Poland (Associate Member)
  53. Namibia National Writers Union, Namibia
  54. Asociación de Editores y Autores de Panamá (SEA), Panama
  55. Fundación para la Gestión del Arte (FUGA), Panama
  56. Association of Nigerian Authors, Nigeria
  57. Authors Guild of India, India
  58. Norsk Oversetterforeningen (Norwegian Association of Literary Translators), Norway
  59. Suomen Kirjailijaliitto (The Union of Finnish Writers), Finland